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Dylan Cappel at the 1999 Nation's Cup

Dear Friends,

On October 18th of this year, the Cappel family and over 20 friends are going to be part of a monumental journey. We are going to walk the 40 miles from Leesburg, VA to our nations capital in Washington, D.C. The journey is a two-day walk to raise the awareness of the people of our country to the existence, prevention and cure of colon cancer.

As many of you know, Dylan Cappel died of colon cancer 18 months ago. He was 23 years old. People his age are not supposed to die of this disease. Nine out of ten people diagnosed are over 50 years of age. It is the second leading cause of death in America among both men and women. In 2003, nearly 150,00 people will be diagnosed with the disease and nearly 60,000 Americans will die.

If the disease is detected early enough it is almost always curable. Unfortunately, only 37% of colon cancers are found in the early stage. Most of us are unaware of the early signs of this disease and our healthcare providers rarely insist on us using certain screening techniques that can detect the disease at a curable stage. Too often, symptoms are dismissed as "cracked ribs", "muscle pulls", "indigestion" and "a bad stomach ache". In Dylan's case, these symptoms were never considered to be early signs of colon cancer.

Forty miles of walking in two days may seem like a rough task. However, if we have to walk, run or crawl the entire distance, it is nothing compared to what Dylan endured. The memory of Dylan fighting the debilitating effects of surgery, pain, chemotherapy and finally, the reality of him being taken by this disease is a memory we hope none of you will every encounter.

Dylan was a graduate of St. Dunstan School in Millbrae. He began rowing in High School and went on to row and graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Dylan was a world-class rower who represented the US in international competition and was a likely member of the 2004 Olympic team. He had a great heart, beautiful soul and a spirit that spread joy amongst all around him. He would have been 25 years old on October 18th - the day the walk is to begin.

Over 30 people from Northern California are joining hundreds of others from around the country on this remarkable journey.Dylan's supporters alone are trying to raise $50,000.00.

We are asking you to help us with a 100% tax deductible contribution. All funds raised will go to the Two-Day Colon Cancer March. All walkers will be paying all of their own expenses.

Please be generous so that not one more person or family will ever have to experience this disease.

WE want to thank you in advance for supporting us in both spirit and funding. Together we will make a difference.

Walking for Dylan and ALL those touched by Colon Cancer,

The Cappel Family

Larry, Barbara, Jena Rose, Marissa and Our Angel Dylan