SWJRA Spring 2013 Race Results (thanks to row2k.com)


February 2013

17th Camino Real Cup: Marina AC vs Pacific                                                                @ Marina

18th President's Day Regatta (Long Beach, Newport, Casitas, San Deigo, CYC)                    @ Long Beach (1400'ish meters)

March 2013

2-3rd Fault Line Face Off                                                                                                   @ Oakland (2000 meters)

2nd Pacific Invite                                                                                                                 @ Lake Merced (1500 meters)

9th  Desert Sprints                                                                                                              @ Tempe (1500 meters)

9th  League Race (Capital, Palo Alto, Deep Water)                                                       @ Lake Natoma (2000 meters)

10th Battle of the Bay (SI, Marin, Oakland, Berkeley)                                                      @ Oakland (2000 meters)

16th Cal Cup II (SoCal)                                                                                                        @ Long Beach (1500 meters'ish)

16th Shamrock Invitational                                                                                                  @ Redwood Shores (2000 meters)

16th Capital, Stockton, Humboldt, North Bay, Berkeley                                                  @ Lake Natoma (2000 meters)

17th Shamrock Invitational - Day 2                                                                                     @ Redwood Shores (2000 meters)

23rd League Race (Capital, Oakland, Pacific, Stanford)                                                @ Lake Natoma (2000 meters)

24th League Race (Brophy, Cathedral, Xavier)                                                                @ Mission Bay, San Diego

30th Easter Sprints                                                                                                              @ Lake Merced (1500 meters)

30th PAC-12 Challenge                                                                                                       @ Redwood Shores (2000 meters)

31st PAC-12 Challenge                                                                                                       @ Redwood Shores (2000 meters)


April 2013

6-7th  San Diego Crew Classic                                                                                          @ San Diego (2000 meters)

13th Covered Bridge Regatta                                                                                             @ Dexter (2000 meters)

13th Long Beach Invitational                                                                                               @ Long Beach (1400 meters)

13th 510 Sprints                                                                                                                   @ Oakland Estuary (2000 meters) 

14th Long Beach Invitational                                                                                              @ Long Beach (1400 meters)

14th Covered Bridge Regatta                                                                                             @ Dexter (2000 meters)

13-14th Rose City Invitational                                                                                               @ Vancouver Lake (2000 meters)

20th River City, Marin, Upper Natoma, Norcal vs Capital                                                  @ Lake Natoma (2000 meters)

May 2013

4th SW Junior Regional Championships

5th SW Junior Regional Championships